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Tax Sales – Essential for Every Community

Tax sales allow us to make our living – but they are also essential for every community’s health. Each year, a certain number of properties “fall through the cracks” – the owner becomes unable or unwilling to do what’s necessary to keep their property … Continue reading

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Tax Lien Sales: 5 Deadly Traps Lurking Just Below the Surface

A tax lien investment may seem safe: get a good return or get a valuable property. Make sure you don’t fall into any of these traps when making your investment into tax liens – any one of them can cause you to lose money. Continue reading

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Tax Sale Properties With No Bidding, Auctions, Or Waiting

Tax sale properties can be obtained without any bidding, auctions, or waiting – just approach the owners of properties that are about to be lost to tax sale. You’ll often be very pleased at their willingness to part with the property for a token payment. Continue reading

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Tax Liens: A Good Way to Acquire Cheap Property?

Tax liens are not the magic way to get properties for pennies on the dollar as claimed by many. However, they do lead to an opportunity to do just that if you use the right techniques – read on to see how. Continue reading

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Tax Lien Foreclosures – The Mortgage Pre-Foreclosure Alternative

Tax lien foreclosures are a relatively unknown source of pre-foreclosure property. The advantages over mortgage pre-foreclosures are numerous. Most importantly, a majority of tax lien foreclosures are free and clear. Continue reading

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Get Tax Lien Properties in Days, Not Years!

Tax lien properties usually take months or years to get – if you can get any at all (most tax liens pay off before you can get the property!) I’ll show you how to get tax lien properties in a matter of days in just about any area that sells tax liens -… Continue reading

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Tax Lien Auctions: How to Get 500% More Properties

Tax lien auctions can yield 5-10 times more properties if you follow this quick strategy. By only buying liens against properties with bad owner mailing addresses or deceased owners, you’ll get many more properties. Continue reading

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Tax Deed Sales Create an Unexpected Profit Source

Think tax deed sales are just for buying properties? Sure, you can bid against others at the sale, but I’ll show you another profit source from tax deed sales you may not have known about. Continue reading

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Tax Foreclosure Sales – Top 4 Hidden Opportunities

In order to profit from tax foreclosures sales with minimum risk and maximum profit, you need to take a more intelligent approach than simply appearing at the sale and bidding against others at the sale. Learn four hidden opportunities to profit right … Continue reading

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Government Tax Sales – How You Can Profit Without Attending Auctions

Government tax sales offer a chance to profit in many ways besides actually attending a sale and bidding. This article discusses several of those ways – many requiring little or no cash investment. Continue reading

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