Deed Grabber Scam? Do Rick Dawson's Deed Grabber and Hooked On Overages Programs Work?

By J. Richman

“Hooked on Overages scam” and “Deed Grabber scam” are turning into some highly searched terms on the net. As more and more people find out about recovering overages for a living and buying properties after tax sale for pennies on the dollar, they get excited. They consider getting involved.

And inevitably, they wonder if they will be scammed… there is a LOT of scammy stuff out there on the net right now.

Rick’s programs are great. He’s a real estate genius, constantly coming up with innovative ways to make real estate investing profitable. He has a B.A. in Real Estate and Finance from Indiana University, and over 15 years direct experience in the field (tirelessly working 80-hour weeks investing in property and going after overages).

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything bad said about him anywhere.

If you’re thinking about getting involved with real estate, get Rick’s courses while you still can. Rick’s an expert on this stuff, and the window where he’s willing to work hands-on with students is closing. Right now, the Hooked On Overages training program is one of those programs where you have direct access to Rick via the forums. Not sure how long the course is going to be offered.

You can go here to get the free DeedGrabber e-book, or here to read about how to collect tax sale overages. Both programs will get you profitably involved in real estate faster than anything else out there. And with money-back guarantees on both, you don’t have to worry about the “Deed grabber scam” people seem so worried about!

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